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Industrial Processes




Road transport


Exterior of the vehicles


Tunnel of wash Mapsol

P0001 Manual coachworks shampoo.

P0002 Powerful cleaner of coachworks, repellent of mosquitos.

P0003 Concentrated shampoo of coachworks for car wash.

P0004 Concentrated shampoo of coachworks with built-in wax for car wash.

P0005 Water-repellent wax of coachworks for cars wash.

P0006 Desparafinador  of coachworks.

P0007 Desparafinador of coachworks Special Copolymers.

P0008 Polisher of tires.

P0009 Cleaner of tires.

P0010 Windscreen wiper

P0011 Cleanliness foam for coachworks autodragging/ aluminium cisterns

Interior of the vehicles


Interior of the vehicles cleaning Mapsol

P0012 Shampoo for carpets and upholsteries.

P0013 Dashboards Polisher.

P0014 Dashboards Polisher with silicone.

P0015 anti-smoking air freshener. Absorbent of smells






engine cleanling

P0016 Engines grease remover emulsifiable in water.

P0017 Engines grease remover soluble in diesell oil.

P0018 Cleaner of mechanical pieces.

P0019 Cleaner of asphalts, greases and soots.

P0020 Cleaner of electrical equipments without waste products.

P0021 Antifreeze for radiators and water circuit until -50ºC

P0022 Antifreeze for radiators and water circuit until -35ºC

P0023 Antifreeze for radiators and water circuit until -8ºC.

P0024 Corrosion inhibitor in closed water circuits.

P0025 Cleaner of cylinder heads, pistons and valves.

P0026 Cleaner of low odour for cylinder heads, pistons and valves.

P0027 Cleaner of low odour for carburettor.

P0028 Grease remover of lemon mechanical pieces.

P0029 Solvent for the oxide, lubricant, protective and corrosion inhibitor.

P0030 Disincrustant high safety for radiators.

P0031 Cleaner of metallic pieces, grease remover, rust-remover and pasivante.

P0032 Dielectrical cleaner of high safety.

P0033 anticorrosive sealer water-repellent and lubricant of electrical equipments.

Garages cleaning (car repair shops) and garage mechanics' personal care.

Garage cleanling Mapsol

P0034 Mechanics' hand paste with abrasive.

P0035 Mechanics' hand paste.

P0036 Absorbent for spillages of oil.

P0037 Hands grease remover gel with abrasive. Measurable.

P0038 Gel cleaner for greasy hands. Ultraconcentrated.

P0039 skin protector wash basin.

P0040 Grease remover for floors low in foam. Manual use or with dishwashing machine..

P0041 Epoxi resin for floors, 100% solids, 2 components (red, grey and green).

P0042 Epoxi Paint for floors, 2 components (red, grey and green).

P0043 signposting paint (yellow traffic, blue and white).

P0044 Cleaner in foam for autodragging.


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