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Industrial Processes



Hotel and catering business.


Industrial laundry.


Industrial laundry Mapsol

P0045 Prewash: stain remover moisturizing in paste with localized action upon resistant stains.

P0046 Liquid detergent compatible with bleaches.

P0047 Enzymatical liquid detergent. Incompatible with bleaches.

P0048 Liquid detergent high concentration. Special hard waters.

P0049 Bleach for washing machines.

P0050 Bleach for coloureds.

P0051 Bleaching textile. Whites and coloureds.

P0052 stain remover with active oxygen

P0053 Blue textile softener (Fragrance type mimosín).

P0054 Pink textile softener (roses fragrance).

P0055 Concentrated blue textile softener (sea fragrance).

P0056 Grease remover stain remover.

P0057 Carmine stains cleaner.

P0058 Oxide stains cleaner.

P0059 Eliminator of bad odours.

P0072 Delicate garments.


Industrial kitchens cleanling Mapsol

P0060 Automatic washing-up liquid special hard waters.

P0061 Automatic dishwasher polisher.

P0062 Manual concentrated washing-up liquid.

P0063 Manual ultraconcentrated washing-up liquid.

P0064 Manual economical washing-up liquid.

P0065 Grease remover grills.

P0066 Grease remover for greasy floor.

P0067 Foam chlorinated for cleanliness by autodragging.

P0068 Foam for cleanliness by  surfaces autodragging and metallic elements of  the food industry.

P0069 Bleach food use.

P0070 Disinfectant cleaner of surfaces. Acid.

P0071 Disinfectant cleaner of surfaces. Neutral.

P0076 Desmoldeante of trays of bakery, confectionery.

P0094 Disincrustant for dishwasher machines.

P0100 Cleaner for trays of bakery.


baths cleaning Mapsol

P0073 Cleaner anti-lime with detergent effect.

P0074 Acid wire riddle professional use.

P0075 Alkaline wire riddle professional use.

P0077 Bleach with incorporated detergent.

P0078 Perfumed ammonia.

P0079 Drip air freshener residual effect.

P0093 Disincrustant gel cleaner for bathroom fittings.

Personal care


Personal care Mapsol

P0080 Gel skin protector wash basin.

P0081 Gel/shampoo with conditioner with aloe vera.

P0082 Gel skin protector wash basin bactericide effect.





Maintenance and general cleaning


P0083 Concentrated floor mops (several essences / colours).

P0084 Superconcentrated floor mops (several essences / colours).

P0085 Low floor mops in foam for automatic floor mop.

P0086 grease remover for floors Low in foam for automatic floor mop.

P0087 perfumed window-cleaning fluid high shine.

P0088 multipurpose with bioalcohol (glasses, tile, formica, metallic surfaces...).

P0089 cleaner for wooden surfaces.

P0090 powerful cleaner of upholsteries.

P0091 Wax of carnauba for floors.

P0092 wax for red floors.

Domestic use products

Domestic use products Mapsol

P0095 Floor mop (floral, pine, lemon, sea essences etc.)

P0096 opaque floor mop (soap of marsella, green, pink soap essences).

P0097 Manual washing-up liquid.

P0098 Multipurpose bleach.

P0099 Bleach with incorporated detergent.

P0101 Multipurpose grease remover: clothes, floors, kitchens.

P0102 Window-cleaning fluid.


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