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Industrial Processes



Industrial processes



In Mapsol we have a great variety of industrial processes (at your disposal). Each of them consists of formulations of products perfectly adjusted and their corresponding instructions of manufacture, technical and of safety sheets, as well as the description of the necessary equipments for their manufacture to an industrial level. We also facilitate lists of suppliers both of raw materials and of machinery, in such a way that a real production can be carried out quickly and effectively. All the commented processes have been tested in real industries for the last 25 years,  that is why the quality is guaranteed. The cost of the formulations is very adjusted, this allows that you could commercialize them to a reasonable and competitive price. We itemize below the list of more significant processes. This list does not include all the processes, so if you need some product/process which is not in the list, please get in touch with us. Select in the left section the process of his interest or see all below.

Main industrial processes



Road transport


Exterior of the vehicles


Tunnel of wash Mapsol

P0001 Manual coachworks shampoo.

P0002 Powerful cleaner of coachworks, repellent of mosquitos.

P0003 Concentrated shampoo of coachworks for car wash.

P0004 Concentrated shampoo of coachworks with built-in wax for car wash.

P0005 Water-repellent wax of coachworks for cars wash.

P0006 Desparafinador  of coachworks.

P0007 Desparafinador of coachworks Special Copolymers.

P0008 Polisher of tires.

P0009 Cleaner of tires.

P0010 Windscreen wiper

P0011 Cleanliness foam for coachworks autodragging/ aluminium cisterns

Interior of the vehicles


Interior of the vehicles cleaning Mapsol

P0012 Shampoo for carpets and upholsteries.

P0013 Dashboards Polisher.

P0014 Dashboards Polisher with silicone.

P0015 anti-smoking air freshener. Absorbent of smells






engine cleanling

P0016 Engines grease remover emulsifiable in water.

P0017 Engines grease remover soluble in diesell oil.

P0018 Cleaner of mechanical pieces.

P0019 Cleaner of asphalts, greases and soots.

P0020 Cleaner of electrical equipments without waste products.

P0021 Antifreeze for radiators and water circuit until -50ºC

P0022 Antifreeze for radiators and water circuit until -35ºC

P0023 Antifreeze for radiators and water circuit until -8ºC.

P0024 Corrosion inhibitor in closed water circuits.

P0025 Cleaner of cylinder heads, pistons and valves.

P0026 Cleaner of low odour for cylinder heads, pistons and valves.

P0027 Cleaner of low odour for carburettor.

P0028 Grease remover of lemon mechanical pieces.

P0029 Solvent for the oxide, lubricant, protective and corrosion inhibitor.

P0030 Disincrustant high safety for radiators.

P0031 Cleaner of metallic pieces, grease remover, rust-remover and pasivante.

P0032 Dielectrical cleaner of high safety.

P0033 anticorrosive sealer water-repellent and lubricant of electrical equipments.

Garages cleaning (car repair shops) and garage mechanics' personal care.

Garage cleanling Mapsol

P0034 Mechanics' hand paste with abrasive.

P0035 Mechanics' hand paste.

P0036 Absorbent for spillages of oil.

P0037 Hands grease remover gel with abrasive. Measurable.

P0038 Gel cleaner for greasy hands. Ultraconcentrated.

P0039 skin protector wash basin.

P0040 Grease remover for floors low in foam. Manual use or with dishwashing machine..

P0041 Epoxi resin for floors, 100% solids, 2 components (red, grey and green).

P0042 Epoxi Paint for floors, 2 components (red, grey and green).

P0043 signposting paint (yellow traffic, blue and white).

P0044 Cleaner in foam for autodragging.

Hotel and catering business.


Industrial laundry.


Industrial laundry Mapsol

P0045 Prewash: stain remover moisturizing in paste with localized action upon resistant stains.

P0046 Liquid detergent compatible with bleaches.

P0047 Enzymatical liquid detergent. Incompatible with bleaches.

P0048 Liquid detergent high concentration. Special hard waters.

P0049 Bleach for washing machines.

P0050 Bleach for coloureds.

P0051 Bleaching textile. Whites and coloureds.

P0052 stain remover with active oxygen

P0053 Blue textile softener (Fragrance type mimosín).

P0054 Pink textile softener (roses fragrance).

P0055 Concentrated blue textile softener (sea fragrance).

P0056 Grease remover stain remover.

P0057 Carmine stains cleaner.

P0058 Oxide stains cleaner.

P0059 Eliminator of bad odours.

P0072 Delicate garments.


Industrial kitchens cleanling Mapsol

P0060 Automatic washing-up liquid special hard waters.

P0061 Automatic dishwasher polisher.

P0062 Manual concentrated washing-up liquid.

P0063 Manual ultraconcentrated washing-up liquid.

P0064 Manual economical washing-up liquid.

P0065 Grease remover grills.

P0066 Grease remover for greasy floor.

P0067 Foam chlorinated for cleanliness by autodragging.

P0068 Foam for cleanliness by  surfaces autodragging and metallic elements of  the food industry.

P0069 Bleach food use.

P0070 Disinfectant cleaner of surfaces. Acid.

P0071 Disinfectant cleaner of surfaces. Neutral.

P0076 Desmoldeante of trays of bakery, confectionery.

P0094 Disincrustant for dishwasher machines.

P0100 Cleaner for trays of bakery.


baths cleaning Mapsol

P0073 Cleaner anti-lime with detergent effect.

P0074 Acid wire riddle professional use.

P0075 Alkaline wire riddle professional use.

P0077 Bleach with incorporated detergent.

P0078 Perfumed ammonia.

P0079 Drip air freshener residual effect.

P0093 Disincrustant gel cleaner for bathroom fittings.

Personal care


Personal care Mapsol

P0080 Gel skin protector wash basin.

P0081 Gel/shampoo with conditioner with aloe vera.

P0082 Gel skin protector wash basin bactericide effect.





Maintenance and general cleaning


P0083 Concentrated floor mops (several essences / colours).

P0084 Superconcentrated floor mops (several essences / colours).

P0085 Low floor mops in foam for automatic floor mop.

P0086 grease remover for floors Low in foam for automatic floor mop.

P0087 perfumed window-cleaning fluid high shine.

P0088 multipurpose with bioalcohol (glasses, tile, formica, metallic surfaces...).

P0089 cleaner for wooden surfaces.

P0090 powerful cleaner of upholsteries.

P0091 Wax of carnauba for floors.

P0092 wax for red floors.

Domestic use products

Domestic use products Mapsol

P0095 Floor mop (floral, pine, lemon, sea essences etc.)

P0096 opaque floor mop (soap of marsella, green, pink soap essences).

P0097 Manual washing-up liquid.

P0098 Multipurpose bleach.

P0099 Bleach with incorporated detergent.

P0101 Multipurpose grease remover: clothes, floors, kitchens.

P0102 Window-cleaning fluid.


Bottling plant


Products for Plants of Bottling Mapsol

P0103 Low detergent in foam for the wash of bottles.

P0104 Low detergent in foam for cleanliness of circuits CIP.

P0105 Detergent for cleanliness of circuits CIP (unique step).

P0106 Detergent for cleanliness of floors, boxes and tools.

P0107 Additive for the wash of bottles in automatic machines with soda, reducer of the time of wash. Controlled foam.

P0108 Antifrothing additive for the wash of bottles in automatic machines with soda.

P0109 Additive secuestrante of metallic ions for the wash of bottles in automatic machines with soda.

P0110 Disincrustant of stainless steel.

P0111 Detergent disincrustant of stainless steel special lacteal industries.

P0112 Disincrustant with active oxygen for circuits CIP.

P0113 Cleaner with active oxygen for circuits CIP.

P0114 Circuits  cleaner of the food industry.

P0115 Conveyor belts lubricant packings PET.

P0116 Conveyor belt lubricant bottling of oil.

P0117 Conveyor belt Lubricant  special hard waters.

P0118 Silicone lubricant for conveyor belts packings type brick.

P0119 synthetic lubricant anti-cracking for conveyor belts packings type PET

General cleaning and maintenance

general cleaning and maintenance Mapsol

P0120 Cleanliness foam for autodragging for all kinds of surfaces and metallic elements, except aluminium, galvanized iron and brass.

P0121 Cleanliness foam for autodragging and disinfectant for the food industry.

P0122 Cleanliness foam for autodragging for metallic elements of the food industry, including aluminium and copper.

P0123 Nitric acid solution.

P0124 Superdisincrustant and chemical cleaner special boilers, towers and water circuits.

P0125 Safety disincrustant for boilers, towers and water circuits with soft metals or copper.

P0126 Neutral grease remover cleaner.

P0127 Dieléctrico cleaner of high safety (engine brake, regulators of voltage, solenoids, points of contact and terminal).

P0128 Blanker of silicones, glues and resins.

P0129 Water-repellent, sealer, anticorrosive and lubricant for electrical equipments

P0130 Hands grease remover gel measurable with abrasive.

P0131 Cleaner for greasy hands (workers of maintenance).

P0132 Cleaner for greasy floors.

P0133 Solvent, safety grease remover for electrical circuits.

P0134 Grease remover of mechanical pieces.

P0135 Grease remover for internal combustion engines.

P0136 Grease remover for internal combustion engines emulsifiable in water.

P0137 Cleaner of greases, soots, remains of combustion and asphalts.

P0138 Grease remover cleaner for steam engines.

P0139 Non-stick and desmoldeante in the plastic industry.

P0140 Lubricant for the textil industry (sewing machines, shuttles, bobbins of thread, etc).

P0141 non-stick and desmoldeante without silicone for the plastic industry.

P0142 Projection antiadherent of solder.

P0143 Projection antiadherent of cutting with radial.

P0144 Hidro-oleo protector repellent of surfaces.

P0145 Oxide converter.

P0156 Corrosion inhibitor in closed circuits.

P0157 Preventive of incrustations in water systems.

P0158 Corrosion and incrustations inhibitor in boilers.

P0159 Corrosion inhibitor in systems of refrigeration.

P0160 Corrosion and incrustations inhibitor in drinkable water.

P0161 Inhibitor of incrustations and corrosion in circuits of warm sanitary water.

P0233 Anticorrosive protector of metals.

P0234 Anticorrosive protector of soft metals.

P0235 Treatment ambient anti-dampness, ice and dust.

P0236 Eliminator of spots of soldering in stainless steel.

Mechanized of metals


Mechanized of metals Mapsol

P0146 Cutting oil of extreme pressure (hard metals and alloys)

P0147 Pure cutting oil for not ferrous metals (Aluminium, copper, etc.)

P0148 Synthetic green Taladrina (drills, turned, precision works).

P0149 Synthetic perfumed Taladrina (drills, turned, precision works).

P0150 Semi-synthetic Taladrina (general desbaste, drills, turned,etc).



Disinfection of facilities and equipments

desinfection products Mapsol

P0150 Disinfectant bactericide in base quaternary ammonium for facilities and equipments.

P0151 Bactericidal cleaner in base quaternary ammonium for facilities and equipments.

P0152 Bactericide, fungicide with antimycotic effect for wardrobes, gyms and facilities.

P0153 Microbicide special bacteria sulforreductoras for systems of industrial water.

P0154 Algicide-bactericide for systems of industrial water.

P0155 Algicide-bactericide against legionnaire’s disease for systems of industrial water.

P0162 Bactericide in base quaternary ammonium against legionnaire’s disease in cooling towers.

P0163 Bactericide in base sodium hypochlorite against legionnaire’s disease in cooling towers.

Insecticidas, rat poison, weed-killer. 



Insecticides Mapsol

P0164 Insecticide of contact and inhalation.

P0165 Insecticide emulsifiable in water of low toxicity for mammals.

P0166 Concentrated insecticide flyings and creepings.

P0167 Concentrated insecticide for exteriors.

P0168 Perfumed insecticida flyings.

P0169 Antiwood-worm, treatment of wood.

Rat poisons

rat poison Mapsol

P 0170 Total rat poison.

P 1071 Rat poison.

P 0172 Raticide.





weed-killers Mapsol

P 0173 Total wedd-killer of contact and residual








Water treatments


pools products Mapsol

P 0174 Disinfectant water pools in powder, grain or tablets.

P 0175 Disinfectant, algicide and water flocculating of pools in tablets.

P 0176 Flocculating

P 0177 Algicide

P 0178 Clarifying algicide without foam.

P 0179 Elevator of liquid ph.

P 0180 Reducer of liquid ph.

P 0181 Reducer of solid ph

P 0182 Liquid disinfectant water pools.

Waste water

waste water Mapsol

P 0183 Biological treatment of waste products and waste waters.

P 0184 Fluidificante solvent of olrganic matter.

P 0185 Cleaner of organic matter with repellent of insects. Special containers








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