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Industrial Processes



Water treatments


pools products Mapsol

P 0174 Disinfectant water pools in powder, grain or tablets.

P 0175 Disinfectant, algicide and water flocculating of pools in tablets.

P 0176 Flocculating

P 0177 Algicide

P 0178 Clarifying algicide without foam.

P 0179 Elevator of liquid ph.

P 0180 Reducer of liquid ph.

P 0181 Reducer of solid ph

P 0182 Liquid disinfectant water pools.

Waste water

waste water Mapsol

P 0183 Biological treatment of waste products and waste waters.

P 0184 Fluidificante solvent of olrganic matter.

P 0185 Cleaner of organic matter with repellent of insects. Special containers








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